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You can’t sugarcoat Georgia State’s ineptness

If we don’t score at least 40 there is something wrong!
Check it out:

Things are pretty bad these days in the Georgia State football program.

That’s the team that comes to Morgantown Saturday to face West Virginia. It might be one of the worst FBS-level college football teams of all time. It is almost certainly the worst playing right now.

Consider that the Panthers, who have been playing the game just three years prior to this one, opened their first year of FBS competition by losing to two FCS programs the last two weeks. And we’re not talking upsets like the others sprinkled across the country. Georgia State was the underdog in both and lost badly.

Tennessee-Chattanooga beat the Panthers 42-14, rushed for over 400 yards and held Georgia State to 30 yards on the ground. Ouch.

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