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Holgorsen Buyout: $11.3 million?

We knew Dana had a sweet contract, but this seems to take the cake.

In reading the contract this is what is implied.

If West Virginia chooses “termination by convenience”, the school has to pay Holgorsen $11.3 million because the buyout language states “base salary and supplemental compensation for remaining years of Term.”

This seems rather ridiculous and pretty much takes any thought of a new coach off the table. Lots of fans have been calling for this after the embarrassing loss to Maryland this past weekend. And with the precedent set of firing a coach for 3 years of 9-4 seasons, you would have thought that Dana might be in trouble for a year with no bowl.

Bill Stewart went 28-12 as head coach at WVU and was basically rode out on a rail. Dana Holgorsen is currently 19-11 with 8 games remaining this season. Chances don’t look good for many of those 8 games and the road to a bowl game seems almost nonexistent.

The point being is if you fired Stewart for his record, how is it we’re not even going to be able to consider firing Holgorsen because of this sweetheart deal?

Just thought you’d like to know this information as you discuss WVU’s future. Please leave your comments below on what you think about all of this.

Check out Dana’s contract for yourself in the link below:

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  • The Blue Lot

    Stewart was fired for his actions and the fact that he was drawing negative attention to the program and future head coach. All Stewart had to do was share the sidelines with Holgs for a year then retire and take a athletic department job. And Holgs has done vast improvement to the defense, and once everyone starts playing to thier potential the offense will catch up. Does anyone remember what happened to the last coach we hung in effigy!!!!!!!???? That’s right he became a college football legend!!!!!

    • Leonard Farrell

      I hope he tuirns it around but after 3 years he has shown nothing to say he is better than Bill Stewart. Yes- he’s playing in the Big 12, but we are 5-8 in our last 13 games with one good win and 4 very bad losses- that does not look like a coach making 3 times what they paid Stewart and brought in to “compete for a national championship.” We’ve lost to teams the caliber of some Big East teams. And you are trying to compare him to Bobby Bowden?????…C’mon

  • Really

    1- Bill wanted to Coach not work for the Athletic Department
    2- Are you talking about the defense that just gave up 700 yards in 2 1/2 quarters before Baylor brought out the second string
    3-Everyone always says Bill did it in the Big East, is that the same Big East that beat the crap out of us in last years Bowl game, and is the #7 team in the Nation from that same Big East.
    4- I think Bill’s defenses were alway’s among the top in the Country check the records
    Finally, Dana and Huggins should both be run out of town, their sideline rants make them look like 10 year old spoiled brats but instead they are just having a few drinks and laughing all the way to the bank.