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Holgorsen Press Conference: Baylor Pregame

Getting ready for Baylor should be easier this year with a defense that seems ready to take control of the game.
Check it out:

We’re moving on to Baylor. It should be a fun game in Waco on Saturday night. When you get right down to Baylor, obviously it’s about some offense. Knowing coach (Art) Briles and what he does offensively, and the offense they’ve put on the field over the course of the season, it’s pretty impressive what they’re doing. They’re number one scoring offense in the country and number one in a lot of other things. They’re averaging 750 yards and 70 points.

This dates back to the last four or five games from last year. They’ve won seven games in a row and did it pretty impressively towards the end of the year with some pretty good wins.

They’re going to be confident and ready to go. They’re coming off of a bye week, and they’re fresh and energetic. It will be a very dynamic place to play on Saturday night.

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  • JAS

    Just curious….is there not a receiver on this team that knows all of these “signals” who can relay them to Trickett if need be?