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Lessons from WVU’s Loss to Baylor

We learned that Baylor is really good. And that Kevin White can catch. And that our defense is good but not great.
Check it out:

The West Virginia Mountaineers ran into the offensive juggernaut that is the Baylor Bears this Saturday.

It wasn’t pretty.

Baylor gained almost 900 yards of total offense and put 73 points en route to a 73-42 victory over the Mountaineers.

WVU just didn’t have the horsepower to keep up the Bears, who didn’t make near as many mistakes as the Oklahoma State Cowboys did last week when they were upset by West Virginia.

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  • Marie Bonacello

    what concerns me the most is the look of disgust on coach Holgorsen’s face every time they make a mistake. He has absolutely no poker face and it is disheartening to see him get so visibly frustrated. I do not see a leader in Holgorsen and that is what this team needs.

    We have been spoiled with Pat White then Geno Smith, but even last year, when Geno began struggling, I did not see Holgorsen stepping up and getting the team in a better state.

    Lack of Leadership is really worrying me