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Oliver Luck to Interview for Texas AD Job

This is huge news.
Check it out:

News originally broken to us by our friends at of interest to Texas fans. Word is Mountaineers Athletic Director Oliver Luck will interview next week for the Texas Athletic Director job, and will accept if offered.

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  • John

    Go Ollie Go!

  • Duane Alderman


  • Jim Zink

    was a huge fan when he play at WVU, but
    please take him

  • Kevin Tenney

    Ollie, you’ve done what you were hired to do. DON’T GO. We need you here a little longer.

  • Mat Barry

    You can’t blame him, when you have local fans who start the season saying, “WERRRR gone have thuh best year evvuuuuur, WVU numburrr Onnnne!”

    Then say to boot the whole staff when they do about as well as everyone with a brain expects them to.

    I wouldn’t be able to stand being in the limelight with fans who have the intellect and understanding of a clump of mud.

    “We have the best team in thuh werld!!!” “WE didn’t WEEEYUN, the coachin’ staff SUCKS.”

  • Frederick Onorato

    Oliie STAY, You have done a GREAT JOB thus far, WVU still NEEDS YOU. You and I graduated as history majors back in 1982.